The Fashion Outsider Team

The Fashion Outsider wouldn’t happen without an AMAZING team of volunteers. Every month we get together to gab about fashion trends, inspiration and what we would want to read about on the internet. In addition to contributing in their individual areas of expertise, each team member contributes to the overall content in every issue. It is a true collaboration and team effort. Go team!

Anna Matthes - Founding Editor

Anna Matthes


As the Founding Editor of TFO, Anna oversees every stage of the magazine from creative direction to production. Her many passions include photography, graphic design, marketing, colour theory and writing. When not researching the latest fashion trends or WordPress plugins, Anna enjoys grabbing a coffee with close friends or watching a great movie.

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Brie Tait

Contributing Editor

Brie Tait has been a makeup artist for fifteen years. Working in many realms of the industries, from fashion to film and television. She graduated with honors from Vancouver film school.  “I love making things look more pleasing to the eyes.”

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Jillian Clapham - Contributing Editor - Hair Stylist

Jillian Clapham


As a hair stylist with several years industry experience, Jillian is an integral part of the creative team and is heavily involved in the art direction and styling of TFO’s editorials. She also shares her knowledge in her column, Everyday Hairoine, turning industry trends into wearable, everyday looks. Jillian is also a musician and draws many of her influences from pop culture, history, music and film.

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Kathleen Cerrer


Kathleen has a background and several years experience in the Communications and Writing Industry. As the Editorial Copy Writer for TFO, Kathleen contributes weekly to Industry News in fashion, tutorials, and the written content of the magazine. As a style blogger, she enjoys sharing her strong fondness for fashion, photography and art. Her inspirations are street style, culture, music and everyday life.

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Samantha Forsyth - Contributing Editor - Graphic Designer

samantha forsyth


New to the fashion industry, Samantha is the teams graphic designer and our resident “girl-next-door”, ensuring our interpretation of current trends remains wearable and relevant to real women. She is a full-time graphic designer who strives for contemporary and cohesive style in everything she creates. She is also an animal lover, volunteering regularly at her local Humane Society.

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Myra Gonzales


Myra always had a knack for fashion as a little girl, always trying to style family and friends and getting them to dress out of their comfort zone. “I love making people feel great about what they wear and expressing their personality through fashion”. Fashion is something that Myra often uses to channel her own creativity, she’s tried everything. Since returning to Winnipeg, after attending John Casablanca’s Fashion Institute in Vancouver,  Myra has styled for photo shoots, assisted in fashion shows, wardrobed for film and even showed potential models how to walk the runway…”fashion to me, is inspiration”.

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