Vuitton + Kusama Collaboration

There’s nothing better than a great collaboration between two major creative forces in the fashion and art industry, and this one has people talking and heads turning.

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton has recently teamed up with 83-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to make one memorable and eye-catching collection. Let’s just say, if you like polka dots, this ones for you!

The collection boasts vibrant colours and polka dot prints which cover the classic Louis Vuitton bags we all know and love. The hypnotizing dots are a fun and quirky take on the timeless bag, adding that extra creative twist. In the interesting video, “The Princess of Polka Dots”, on the Louis Vuitton web site, Kusama states she sees her life as “a dot lost among millions of other dots.” Her fascinating and numerous iconic art installations including this repetitive print are both simple and complex. When you look at some of Kusama’s installations such as “Ascension of Polka Dots on the Trees”, on a larger scope, you see the impact these small dots make, which is pretty darn amazing!

We all know the cultural impact of Louis Vuitton, you know, that famous “LV” logo, but the impact artists such as Kusama dates back to the 1950s. Her avant-garde, spot-on style has been applied to many mediums including print, paint, collage, sculptures…and the list goes on. Born in Japan, she relocated to New York City and soon became part of the pop art movement.

In this collection, in stores now, you will find not only accessories but dots galore in trousers, tops and a clear trench coat (which is my personal favourite!) This exciting collection will definitely put on a new spin to an old favourite!

Source:, Photo Source:, Words: Kathleen Cerrer

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