Remembering Anna Piaggi

Fashion legend Anna Piaggi continues to be remembered, after passing away at the age of 81 on August 7, 2012 in her home in Milan, Italy.

The fashion icon, who always had such an eccentric sense of style, embodied a look full of creativity which truly resembled a work of art. Her unique and distinct look was ever unpredictable and always kept you guessing. Never boring, she often had a colourful face of make up, accompanied with blue hair and a chic hat, most likely by couture hat milliner Stephen Jones.

Come to think of it, Piaggi was the originator when it came to street style. Her style steered clear of what was considered “safe” and her daring nature captivated all those who came in contact with her, read about her or saw her on television/in magazines.

Not only has she collaborated with fashion heavy weights such as Karl Lagerfeld, her work as a fashion editor and journalist really pushed the idea of originality in a world of full of trends and copycats. Similarly to the way she dressed herself, the juxtaposition of images and design was one of the key traits that defined her aesthetic.

The fashion world mourns at the loss of Piaggi, but we will never forget the strong impact her style, talent and amazing knowledge has had on us. She continues to remind us that it’s okay to stand out and be bold, take a walk on the wild side!

Source:, Photo Source:, Words: Kathleen Cerrer


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