Four Beauty Balm Creams

Beauty Balm is a cream that combines a serum, moisturizer, SPF, primer, illuminator and foundation with anti-aging properties, who wouldn’t want to try a BB cream. They’re beloved in Asia and have finally found their way to Canada. The first BB cream was developed in the 60’s by German dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek-Druiso. They were imported into Japan, Korea, and Thailand, taking the Asian Beauty market by storm. Now, in 2012, this multi-tasking cream finally makes its mark in Canada and put the top four to the test. We all have fairly light skin so we tried the lightest colour of each brand and shared how each of them measured up.

1. Vichy Neovadiol Lumiere

“Made me feel as if i put orangey self-tanner on my face. also not into scented products on my face.”

“The colour is strange…kind of rosie bronze. Maybe nice if you wanted a bronze glow, but not my cup of tea.”

“Didn’t get passed my fingers, it was too orange!”

“Blending was not the best, but I finally worked it in. Was the worst in my problem areas and didn’t help to nicely cover larger pores.”

2. Marcelle BB Cream

“Product feels a bit heavy on my face. Very build-able though.Soaked up my blush like crazy, really had to blend it out.”

“Went on smooth and silky. The colour match wasn’t bad either though i found it maybe warmed my skin tone up a bit. At the end of the day, my skin felt a little oily though.”

“I found I couldn’t build layers on trouble/oily areas like my nose. So I supplemented and finished with some powder for a matte finish.”

3. Team Favourite! Too Faced Beauty Balm

“Forgot I was even wearing it and it lasted almost the whole day. My skin felt pretty good after having it too. The colour was great as well.”

“Favorite! I may start using it every day! Nice texture. A bit of shimmer going on, but I didn’t notice it once I set with powder. Good staying power. Nice colour.”

“Blended into skin nicely, light and soft. Felt like there’s nothing at all on my face. Might even change my regular brand.”

4. Smashbox Camera Ready

“This one had the most coverage, and really helped to camouflage my problem areas.”

“Went on thicker and wasn’t as easy to blend as the others, but once i blended it in, my skin felt smooth and soft, not oily or sticky.

“I couldn’t wear this. I didn’t like the colour or the texture and it did not blend well so I didn’t wear it.”

Layout: Samantha Forsyth, Text: Brie Tait, Reviews: The Fashion Outsider Team, Images: via brand websites

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  1. Karen May 24, 2012 at 11:27 pm #

    According to my experience ( serveal years ago, Japanese brand)… BB cream is good for the 1st several hours, because BB cream can help me to create a health skin look. It’s because they have alcohol, which is not good for your skin.

    It is good for cover up your face and save a lot of time to apply it on your face.

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